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First Big Modelling Project

4 Ways to Get your First Big Modelling Contract

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First Big Modelling ProjectOf the countless aspiring models who join the industry every year, only a tiny fraction ever make it to the big leagues. Most never progress past small projects, and modelling becomes little more than a part-time job for them. But are you going to settle for that?

If you are determined to be one of the few models who make the cut, then you need to land at least one major contract first. What should you do?

1. Build your portfolio – Without a decent portfolio to show off what you can do, no one is going to pay attention to you. Real portfolios include magazine covers, advertisements, and other professional work that you have done, but you probably do not have that sort of experience yet.

An easy and affordable solution is to work with photographers who are also just starting to build their own portfolio, and get some great shots. It should be as diverse and creative as possible; have a healthy variety of settings, outfits, and poses. You need to show that you can be very flexible.

2. Choose the right agency – The agency you partner with can make or break your career, so be sure to choose one with a strong track record. Some agencies are very friendly towards beginners; one example is how specifically helps Perth models gain experience and learn the many different skills required to succeed in the industry.

3. Join local contests – Want to have some fun, and maybe attract the attention of some big shot agency representatives at the same time? Look up the regular modelling contests in your city, and give them a try. Bragging rights, generous prizes, and perhaps even an open door to a great new career await those who win.

4. Attend a modelling school – This is actually a bit of a grey area. Some models have experienced huge success from joining a prestigious school, as it helped them build valuable connections and get in front of the right people. Others, meanwhile, spend a great deal of money with nothing to show for it. Make sure that you do your research, and choose a school that will give you results.

Modelling is a tough career to pursue, but you can make it work with enough talent and determination. There are few things more satisfying than landing that first big job after months or years of hard work.

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