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A Dose of Motivation Goes a Long, Long Way

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MotivationLet’s face it, work can be a drag. When the job becomes routine, the repetition simply invites boredom. And with it, mediocrity. Thank God for motivation.

With motivated people, creative juices flow naturally; people are happy to get the job done as efficiently and as effectively as possible. The million-dollar question for any entrepreneur wanting to have a chance at success amidst all the challenges is how to get motivation going.

Reality Bites

However life-changing motivation sounds to be, it’s a rare commodity. Moreover, the results are nothing short of alarming.

A 2012 Gallup poll of public students details how student engagement drops as each school year approaches. What’s notable is the survey is as comprehensive as you can get. Nearly 500,000 students were surveyed from grades five to 12 encompassing more than 1,700 public schools from 37 states.

The survey shows how in the early years, 8 out of 10 elementary students were engaged, dropping to six out of 10 by middle school and ultimately four out of 10 by high school. It seems the more students stay in school, the less successful they want to be.

Changing Mindsets

Such gloomy statistics show why motivation matters and should be utilized at work. Though the case for motivation is a complex one as pointed out by a Carnegie Foundation research, making sure employee’s needs are met is a good start.

Moreover, getting a successful motivational keynote speaker to lift the morale of your company is wise, according to Brad Montgomery. Not only does one help initiate paradigm shifts, a notable speaker can assess the needs of your organization and fill it ever so often.

What is important to see is that reaching out to your workers may not be a matter of the mind but a question that is best answered by the heart.

In tough times, a great speaker could be just the solution you need to give your struggling organization another shot to the top.

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