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Chocolate Truffle

Sweet Delights: Must-Try Chocolate Truffle Recipes

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Chocolate TruffleChocolate truffles first came out in 1895. Since then, these thick chocolate-coated treats, along with its creamy centers, have been a favorite of many sweet lovers. There are three types of chocolate truffles, namely American, European, and Swiss truffles. Ganache is the main component of the chocolate truffle fillings, which makes up the truffle center.

You can order chocolate truffles online and in stores. If you are planning of making your own unique chocolate truffle recipe, you may want to consider the following as your guide:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolate Truffles

Simply fill the molds using hardened chocolate scrape on the top and leave it for a few minutes. Pour it, and then scrape clean. Wait for a few more minutes to set it up. When ready, get a zip lock bagpipe containing a small amount of jelly; squeeze the filling into each mold. Don’t forget to top the mold with chocolate, which serves as a sealant. Afterwards, start piping in some peanut butter through each mold and fill with the excess chocolate scrape.

  • Hazelnut Truffles

Put the chocolates in a bowl and pour it with hot cream. Leave it for one minute then stir until it smoothens. After this, start spreading the hazelnuts onto the baking paper. Place some sugar, water, and glucose syrup in a saucepan. Don’t stop stirring the mixture until the sugar dissolves. When completely dissolved, begin brushing the sides of the pan until it becomes golden then pour it over the hazelnuts.

  • Nutella Truffles

Pipe the Nutella into your mold and freeze it overnight. The next day, cut it into squares. Dip the frozen Nutella cubes into the tempered chocolate. You can use a fork to scoop the cubes.

Chocolate truffles can also be a great holiday treat. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes. Play around with flavors and have fun making it.

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