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Mediterranean-Inspired Home in Perth

A Mediterranean-Inspired Home: Design Ideas You Can Try

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Mediterranean-Inspired Home in PerthMediterranean style is one of the most timeless and popular design styles for homes in Australia due to its laidback and coastal atmosphere. It is the perfect combination of casual elegance with its blend of warm colours, stunning fabrics and cosy furnishings. Keep these ideas in mind for your own Mediterranean-inspired home.

Colour is Everything

It’s important to keep in mind that the paint on your walls and ceiling alone won’t be enough to achieve the Mediterranean vibe throughout your home. One factor is crucial though — the coastal feel. You can do this with colours evocative of the sea, sky, sun, and sand. Neutrals like terracottas, tans, beiges, and caramels are likewise great choices, as well as pops of bold or muted blues, yellows, and greens. Essentially, use colours that will complement your furnishings and sneak in some hints of bold colour every now and then if that’s your thing.

Let Walls Speak for Themselves

Wallpaper is rarely found in Mediterranean homes, so opt for textured or whitewashed walls instead. The main thing is to keep thing fun, simple and casual. Wall art can be anything from unique mirrors or frames, paintings, a tile mosaic, or repurposed timber panels.

Windows are the Eyes to your Home’s Soul

Two words: natural lighting. Opt for airy fabrics if you want curtains for your windows. Wooden shutters, says industry professional, can keep the sun in or out are likewise perfect. You can paint this window treatment to complement or contrast the colours in your home and they’re extremely popular in the Mediterranean.

Be Floored with your Floors

Natural and rustic are two things to keep in mind for your floors. While terracotta is the most obvious option, not everyone is a fan of tiles so timber flooring is a great alternative. Throw in some plush rugs in different colours and textures to get that laidback coastal feel.

Cosier Than Thou Furnishings

Using cosy, warm and worn-looking furnishings significantly helps in maintaining the Mediterranean atmosphere throughout your home. Plush oversized sofas, pillows and timber tables and shelves are likewise ideal. For outdoors, wrought iron furniture is best.

Remember that your home’s décor must be airy and light to maintain that Mediterranean atmosphere. Some unexpected touches here and there will likewise bring in a more personal appeal to your Mediterranean-inspired abode.


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