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Themes to Take Your Café

Beyond the Taste: Themes to Take Your Café Beyond the Mundane

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Themes to Take Your CaféCafes are incredibly popular in Australia, owing to the country’s obsession with coffee and the culture that it brings with it. Cafes are the homely places where customers can enjoy a good cup of coffee and a plate of treats. But the hot brew and delectable treats is just half of the café experience. More than that, the cosy atmosphere attracts customers to even spend their time there in the first place. Because of this concept, most café owners have tried their hand at effecting themes to their places.

If you are a café owner and want to transport your guests to somewhere extraordinary, here are three great café themes to experiment on.

The Art Gallery

There is something about art that evokes a positive response in the human spirit. Perhaps because art is considered as the antithesis of technology, and therefore the human side of modern society. If this is the kind of feeling you want to share with your patrons, and then turn your café into an art gallery. There are many ways to do this, starting from posting artwork and paintings on the café walls. You can buy quality artwork online, and have the prints hung or posted on the walls, ceilings, and even the windows. According to buy prints online in Australia and pick a good frame as the frame has a dramatic effect on how the piece of art is viewed. Guests will a penchant for visual art will surely appreciate this. You can even include a ‘freedom wall’ in your café where customers can paint or write anything they like on the wall. This is sure to encourage newcomers to become all-time regulars.

The Hobby Centre

One thing that unites or brings about a sense of kinship among groups of people is a common hobby. When planning for this route, think of a popular hobby. This could be fishing, comic books or board games. Take board games for example. You can deck your café with board games ranging from simple chess to the role-playing ones. Customers who play board games will then have one more reason to visit your café. They will come for the games, and they will stay for the games – with some coffee and treats on the side. With this, you can even host game nights where the winners can receive special promos, freebies and the like. Taking your customers to a nice tabletop gaming experience will boost your café’s reputation.

The Garden

Of course, some people visit cafes to have a relaxing time. How much more relaxing can you get when you nature right in front of you? That is right, go for the garden theme. If you have a large property, you can start doing away with walls and opening your guests in an al fresco setting. A garden will instill a luxurious atmosphere in your café, giving guests a fresh space to enjoy their coffee and treats with. Of course, you will have to spend on landscaping on this, but rest assured it would be a worthy investment.

Cafes are popular because of the cosy and comfy feel they give. Transcend the mundane and give your customers an experience worth going back for!


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