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Modern Dentistry

Smile Design is the Be-All, End-All of Modern Dentistry

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Modern DentistryDentists can now edit your smile. Not repair. Not enhance. Edit.

The typical dentist appointment goes as follows: the dentist diagnoses problem teeth, you agree to a specified treatment, the dentist carries out the operation, and the appointment is complete. Issues are treated as isolated cases, which mostly is enough to make a visit to the dentist worthwhile. But, having your teeth filled or a crown installed in one afternoon hardly means you go home with a perfect smile. It is rarely the end goal of any particular dental procedure, save one.

A Bite of the Future

Enter Smile Design. The process where dentists can draw up an optimal blueprint of the entire lower half of their patient’s face. It takes into account not only your teeth, but the muscles and jaw bones as well, creating what is essentially the most effective masticatory system you will ever have.

It all starts with two primary components: your teeth and soft tissue. These two must be designed to work smoothly with each other, offering top functional and aesthetic value. The meticulous process involves heaps of details unique to you. From individual tooth dimensions to gum health, age to facial dimensions, phonetics to even your personality; dentists will exhaust every resource at hand to design the mouth of your dreams.


Once the analysis is complete, the dentist will begin to create a personalised plan. Some dentists, like those from Northlight Dental, will take a photo of your current teeth. They use this to digitally edit and produce a copy of what they should look like, complete with axis markers and guide lines.

The dentist will let you go over the details once more, then the procedure can begin. They will apply any necessary procedure at their disposal- starting with repair methods such as bridge implants, up to visual enhancement using veneers, until they achieve what the digital copy illustrated.

Smile Design offers the complete approach to dental confidence, but not dental security. Patients must still exercise comprehensive care and understanding of dental health, which happens to be the end goal of dentistry itself.

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