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A Short Guideline for Starting a Tour Business

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tourThe total number of short-term visits that the Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded during the third quarter of 2014 is 6.8 million, showing an increase of 8.2 percent from the previous year. That’s not all. The willingness of tourists to spend during their visit grew as well. During the same period, Australia gained more than $30 billion dollars from tourist expenditures.

Judging from these data, Australian tourism continues to rise. This is good for Australia, and this presents a good investment opportunity for you as well. The eagerness of tourists to pay for a proper Australian tour is an effective start-up to enter the tourism industry.

Here’s how to get your tour business going:

Equipment and Facilities

First, decide on the type of tour you want to provide. This will help you identify the particular equipment you will need for your business apart from the usual office items. This will determine the type of accommodation and transportation you will provide your clients as well. You need connections with hotels, resorts, airline companies, shuttle services, etc. For cruise-type tours, you might need your own ferry. You can check out different sources like for any boat for sale around Australia. Buying at an auction site can get you a trusty vessel for a more affordable price.


Your tour guides are integral parts of your business. Be sure to get staff that’s well-informed on Australian tourist spots and history. Assess their communication skills as well. In addition to them, hire reliable coordinators to settle tour schedules and requirements.

Tour Itinerary

The type of tour your agency provides will determine your travel plan. Think of specific themes like a historical tour, an island cruise, a mountainside adventure, etc. to help you create your itinerary. Plot your routes and have your tour guides study information about specific destinations.


Apart from operation licenses and government certification, you may need to settle permits for specific tour destinations. Have your coordinator go over rules and regulations governing your target locations. Some local government units impose curfews and restrictions especially on natural and historical monuments.

This is just an overview of how to start a tour business. Depending on the type of your tour, you may need to add other details. Come up with a unique concept to set your business apart from other travel agencies. Let your enterprise be known in the country’s booming tourism.

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