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live performances

Taking Art to the Streets: Singapore’s Bursting Busking Culture

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live performancesSingapore is popular for its dynamic entertainment scene and lively street culture. The art of busking is alive in the Lion City. Everybody in Singapore loves a show, and buskers are respected for their amazing magic, backflips, sword-swallowing stunts, and fire-twirling dances. Breath-taking live performances are indeed a breath of fresh air forpeople in the digital era.

Bringing Art Closer to the Public

Committed to upholding the importance of the art scene and nurturing artistic sense among Singaporeans, the National Arts Council introduced the Busking Scheme in 1997. The order aims to promote street performances in the city. It encourages the celebration of culture and art by taking it to the streets where the public is. Further, the scheme gives talents from across the city-state an opportunity to show their talents and inspire others to do the same.

Buskers in Singapore go through busking workshops and auditions to ensure they present only the very best. They need to be competent, confident, innovative, and engaging to secure Letters of Endorsement.

Celebrating Talents and Tourism

One of the most awaited busking events in Singapore is the Sentosa Buskers Festival. Festival organisers from Buskers Sentosa explain that the event gathers all the best buskers in Singapore to offer amazing performances to locals and tourists.

The festival features a lot of talents, including Aerial Manx, the “King of Sword Swallowing”; Flaming Matrix, a fire dance tribal troupe; the Tripping Man; PaybyNats, a young percussion vocalist, etc.

Hyping up Fun for the Young and the Young-at-Heart

The Sentosa Buskers Festival is perfect for people of all ages. Tourists can snap lots of selfies with the buskers. They can also get try their hands on actual busking. Interactive performances aim to engage audiences, and spectators can learn amazing stunts from the entertainers themselves.

Further, families can take a snack break in Sentosa’s green spaces. They will be able to bring home souvenirs as a token of remembrance of their fun adventure as well.

Busking is a dynamic art in Singapore. No wonder art enthusiasts all over the world make the Lion City a top destination pick.

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