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Substance Addiction

Addiction as an Economic Burden: The Financial Costs of Substance Addiction

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Substance AddictionPhysical and mental problems associated with alcohol or drug abuse tell only one part of the story. Addicts who do not have the financial capacity to fuel their vices face a dreadful financial future.

The people at the Ibogaine treatment clinic are aware that addicts who continuously purchase drugs or other addictive substance will most likely go into debt. They risk racking up so much debt that they can no longer afford to feed themselves.

This is one of the many devastating financial consequences of addiction. Here are other consequences that can financially cripple any addict:

Higher Medical Expenses

Substance addicts face a higher risk of developing an illness if they continue to feed their habit. Even with insurance, the treatments for these illnesses will get expensive over time. When the illness worsens, this could lead to a long-term disability, which translates to higher medical costs.

Loss of Income

Substance abuse leads to decreased productivity and higher absenteeism. Addicts who habitually miss work are at risk of being fired while addicts who do report to work are more likely to commit work-related errors, which will eventually get them fired.

Legal Fees and Extensive Fines

When addicts are caught purchasing illegal drugs, they will have to deal with extensive fines, which may be more expensive than the drug itself. For those who are Driving Under the Influence (DUI), they risk getting slapped with significant legal fees if they’re apprehended.

The Addictive Substance Itself is Expensive

People addicted to drugs will pay tens and thousands of dollars per year just to support their habits. Less expensive vices, such as alcohol, cost nearly 500 dollars a year. In both cases, the money earned from an employment or business goes down the drain.

The road to financial recovery for drug addicts is difficult. Before they can take a step towards financial freedom, they need to regain control of their lives by kicking the habit.

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