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swimming pool

The Advantages of Having an Inground Fiberglass Pool

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If you’re thinking about investing on a swimming pool for your home, why not choose an inground pool made of fiberglass? Vinyl and concrete swimming pools used to be the popular choices, but fiberglass pools have surpassed them and gained recognition.

In fact, in the past decade, fiberglass pools have become the standard when it comes to swimming pool construction. Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools, a leader in the pool manufacturing industry, offers a discussion on the advantages of having one installed in your home.

swimming pool

Easy to Maintain

Unlike vinyl and concrete pools, fiberglass pools need minimal maintenance. This is probably the number one reason it has become so popular. People who want to invest in a swimming pool like to keep their costs down, which means expenses on pool maintenance, cleaning and accessories should be reasonable. As they require minimal maintenance, they also don’t need any significant repairs in the future.


Advances in pool construction technology have allowed these pools to be sophisticated looking and rival the best concrete swimming pools. In the past, white was the only finish available. But, due to mold innovations and the introduction of different color finishes, you can now customize the look and color of your inground fiberglass pool.


Fiberglass pools are known for their long-term durability, as they’re quite adaptive to extreme climate. They work in both cold and hot conditions. Their durability rests on the flexibility provided by the fiberglass. Thanks to this feature, owners won’t have to spend a significant amount of money on repairs and pool maintenance.

Easy to Install

Installing inground fiberglass pools only lasts for about a couple of weeks, as the fiberglass needs to be molded and completely formed prior to installation.

Safe on Skin

Fiberglass pools don’t scratch your skin like concrete pools. This is because it has a smooth finish, which means kids are unlikely to injure themselves.

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