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Roof of a colonial house

Roof Issues: Preventing Common Problems from Getting Worse

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Other repairs a house may need can wait, but if your roof is showing even one sign of damage, you have to make it a priority. Many people feel that a missing shingle or two, a few leaks here and there, a bit of algae growth, rotting, blistering and curling on the roofs can all be repaired in time. But, remember that if you solve the problem before it becomes worse, it can prevent bigger, costlier issues.

Permacoat, Perth’s roof restoration and repair experts, offers a brief discussion on the dangers of a damaged roof:

Roof of a colonial house

Damage to Belongings

If you consult any roofing company, they’ll tell you that nothing could be more dangerous than a leaky roof, even if it’s still very minor. The moment you notice any spotting on the ceiling or water dripping from any of the rooms, call professionals to fix the damage. Otherwise, you can expect extensive damage to your belongings.

Damage to the House’s Structure

A leaky roof due to a missing shingle can also damage the drywall in your house. Other structural damages you could expect include:

  • rotting of the sheathing and trusses that lie under the roof
  • damage to the insulation
  • mould and mildew growth that can affect the structural integrity of the building
  • overall weakening of the structure of the house

Roof Collapse

If these problems aren’t addressed immediately, the roof may collapse altogether. It might even collapse on your head and cause untold injuries to you and your family. Also, the damage caused to everything else in the building and the expenses that will have to be incurred for cleanup, medications, and re-roofing will only add to the problems.

So, if you wish to save some unnecessary expenditure, address all your roof problems immediately and don’t wait for them to become worse. By doing this, you’ll save yourself from all the troubles and expenses.

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