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Alternative Materials for a Cosy-looking Home

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PVC Decking in New ZealandThe rustic aesthetic has a timeless appeal. As it never goes out of style, many homeowners want their houses to emulate the look, from the outside in. There is something about the textured finishes, panels and warm colours that enhance the cosiness of a living space.

Wood may be the material of choice for the rustic look, but alternative options can work just as well in giving off a warm and cosy ambience. You may want to try them out for your next home renovation job.

Aluminium Cladding

When used as exterior walls, corrugated aluminium cladding adds a simple, picture-book charm to the house. Providers of the material, such as Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding, offer different profiles and colours, giving homeowners a lot of options.

Vertical profiles in neutral colours lend a contemporary and minimalist appeal, whereas horizontal ones in bold hues can achieve the ‘charming little dream house’ look for your home. Decorate with hanging potted plants and flowers, and you have a warm welcoming area.

PVC Decking

Plastic may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of rustic. But, being a highly customisable and recyclable material, it can turn into decks, flooring systems and walls that resemble natural textures like wood.

PVC decking, for instance, makes a great alternative to heavy wooden floor systems. As it withstands the effects of natural elements, it can last for years.


Biocomposites are a product of the combination of different types of polymers, reinforced with natural fibres. As they consist of polymers, they share similar characteristics with plastics and are recyclable and versatile, making them easy to customise.

Today, they are becoming a popular choice of material for decking, flooring and other structural systems, although they are mostly used in the medical and automotive industries.

A cosy-looking home does not always have to be a wooden one. With these alternatives, you can achieve an equally warm ambience in your home.

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