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Content Marketing

The Art of Storytelling in Content Marketing

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Content MarketingPeople love and respond to engaging stories, that’s why it’s important to take advantage of the art of storytelling as a content marketing tactic. Many experts in the digital marketing field encourage businesses to incorporate basic elements of stories when generating content.

If you’ve diligently scoured the web, searched for top SEO companies from directories and now you’re in the process of deciding who to work with for the business’ content marketing strategies, this may help you narrow down your options—try to assess if your prospective SEO partner can deliver content that integrate these following narrative elements:

1. Conflict

Conflict makes audience want to know and read more; it sustains the attention of readers, thus giving opportunity to build a strong impression for your brand. The content marketers you will be working with must be able to present a clearly defined problem or need so that readers know what the content is for and why it’s worth reading.

2. Resolution

The content must not only create conflict, but also provide a useful resolution. This is where excellent marketers seamlessly introduce the brand; they adopt the “show, don’t tell” principle in fiction. They capitalize on details, examples and stories, not on bluntly telling how amazing the product or service is.

3. Atmosphere

Stories that have an atmosphere of authenticity (or the close-to-reality factor in the context of fiction) are very popular. The readers sense if a content is just trying to make a sales pitch. An engaging, relevant content goes beyond promotion of the product; it addresses the concerns of target audience and from there, speaks about what the brand truly stands for.

4. Point of View

Excellent content marketers know how to build an image of the readers in their minds. They are able to put themselves in readers’ shoes, that’s why they can generate relevant topics and interesting content that are appealing and worth sharing.

Before you hire an SEO company that will help you with content marketing strategies, it’s important to assess the quality of content marketing services they can deliver. Make sure that they can produce not just great content, but engaging and compelling stories that will boost the image of your brand.

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