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Information Technology

Enterprise ICT Investment Trends in South Africa

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Information TechnologyInformation& Communication Technology is referred to as ICT in South Africa, the largest of its field in the African region. In 2010, companies have spent $10.6 billion ICT solutions in South Africa, which translates to $29 billion in revenue.

Research and Markets recently published a report regarding South African ICT investment trends, up to the end of 2015. This paper surveyed 48 businesses in the country on how these companies apportion their budget on IT-related solutions, such as telecommunications, IT services, consulting, software, and hardware.

The 57-page report demonstrates the basic technologies the various enterprises are putting their money in, and in the order that they invest in technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, cyber-security, green IT and virtualization.

Notable trends covered by the report include:

• According to the survey, the budget in the field was all set to change overall in terms of size in the year 2014-2015.Apart from the allocations to the various core factors of the IT expenditure, it also showed the expenditure planned for the networking, IT management,  data centre and other applications.
• It also illustrates the various ICT fields the companies are interested in outsourcing.
• The report also gives insight on the movers that play an influential role in the companies’ investment patterns in each of the technology sectors.
• The survey helps financial and ICT analysts understand the trends for advanced and core technology sectors. The report also helps South African ICT providers like Internet Solutions to invest in the appropriate technology to help small-to-medium businesses.

The report also explains how ICT companies preferred to spend or invest their money, and what their objectives are with IT investment plans. It also expounds on the various elements that help them pick an ICT provider.

These trends presented in the report have provided a clear picture to both the service providers and the vendors. They are now better placed to provide appropriate solutions to the various companies in the country.

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