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Brakes That Could Kill: A Lurking Danger in Your Garage

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Brake PadsOne of the most useful and versatile naturally occurring mineral has also been found to be among those which pose a serious hazard to your health. For all you know, you’ve already ingested or inhaled it.

There’s a lurking danger in your garage and you may not know it but it can even cause your death. Brake pads are important components in a car. They’re the one responsible for averting fatal collisions, whether with another vehicle or with a pedestrian. That’s how useful they are, but behind all this is a hidden truth that is so menacing you’ll never want to touch them again.

Why is this so?

The primary material in making brake pads is asbestos and by now, you must have known asbestos causes certain types of cancer such as lung and mesothelioma. According to Asbestos Network, mesothelioma is rare cancer, which usually affects linings in the abdomen or lungs. In a report posted on their website, such type of cancer can develop when you inhale asbestos-laden dust from brake and clutch pads from your car. This contaminated dust is usually released when you repair or replace worn-out brake pads.

Experts of asbestos testing can examine and monitor the air in your shop, says, as well as come up with an asbestos management plan in case your area pose a health hazard to you and your workers. 

What can you do?

Well, if you are the type of person who loves to indulge in do-it-yourself tasks like most people, you must make sure you have adequate protection when dealing with this type of material. According to the online cancer resource, if you have to handle asbestos-laden brake or clutch pads, even the seemingly innocent gasket which also contains asbestos, you must do so with great care. Bear in mind that worn-out brake or clutch pads can release great amounts of asbestos-laden dust and you are at risk of inhaling this contaminated dust even without you knowing it.

If by chance you are an owner of a car repair shop in Australia, it’s always a good idea to have your work area checked by professionals. This is the only way you can protect yourself and your employees from cancer-causing agents like asbestos.

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