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3 Fabulous Rooftop Renovation Ideas

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Rooftop RenovationDo you have a roof terrace that you haven’t used for a long time? Why don’t you transform it into a comfortable rooftop area? Read on to discover some fabulous rooftop renovation ideas you may like.

  1. Rooftop Bar

London is full of amazing rooftop bars where you can party with your friends. But, what if you want a cosy night with just a small group of friends? Transform your roof terrace into a rooftop bar and you can host private parties anytime! Just make sure that you install an aluminium bar and stools that can withstand high winds. According to Contour, you should also cover the parapet walls with aluminium copings to create an aesthetic boundary around the area. Lastly, consider placing tall planters in some corners of the deck for privacy.

  1. Rooftop Garden

If you like relaxing in a natural, green space, a rooftop garden is ideal for you. Install reclaimed paving stones on the floor and place a wooden sofa set in the middle of the area. Of course, don’t forget to surround your garden furniture with some of low-maintenance but beautiful plants.

  1. Rooftop Pool

Swimming pools at home are wonderful, but they are even better if you have them on your rooftop! Imagine swimming laps under a sky full of stars and when you’re tired, you can just sit in a pool lounge chair and look at the great view from your rooftop. This design idea, however, is somewhat expensive. After all, installing a large pool on top of a building does not come cheaply.

These ideas are just three of the endless possibilities that you can use for your rooftop renovation project. If you have the creativity and vision to imagine a new look, you can create many incredible designs. Just remember to liaise with a professional designer and a reliable contractor to make sure that your ideas will come to fruition.

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