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Standout Hair: Business Ideas for Hair Professionals

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If you work as a hair professional or run a hair salon business, then you’re probably well acquainted with the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the nature of your work involves close person-to-person physical interaction, it was one of the many businesses that had to suspend operations during the lockdown.

The journey has been a bit of a roller-coaster. Whenever restrictions are eased, salons are allowed to operate, but with every surge, they might be closed down once again.

The industry has found ways to adjust and to continue offering services in safer ways. After all, after a year of trying to cut their own hair (with mixed results), people are itching to get their locks chopped off professionally. To meet this demand and attract more customers, here are some salon business ideas that you may or may not have considered yet.

Second first hair cut promo

As we mentioned earlier, so many people tried cutting their own hair these past 12 months. Some haven’t stepped into a salon in ages. As establishments begin to open up and more and more people get vaccinated, you can start reopening your salon, too, and offer a “welcome back” gimmick in the form of a Second First Hair Cut promo.

The idea is that this will be the first haircut your customers will be having in a while, so it kind of feels like another first time…a second first haircut, if you will.

You can adjust the mechanics of your promo to your liking, but however you decide on doing it, make it fun. Use it as a big, welcoming campaign to mark your salon’s reopening. It’s a great way to remind your former patrons of your business and introduce it to new ones.

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Specialized services

Another thing you can do is to offer more specialized services. Your current business might be offering basic salon services like haircuts, styling, coloring, and even mani-pedis, but many other related services will attract current and potential clients. One such service is scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

SMP is kind of like microblading, which is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing process. The process and equipment are different for the hair, but the theory is similar. To create the illusion of fuller hair, dots of pigment with varying dark shades are implanted onto your scalp. This creates a “shadow” of hair, which conceals bald spots. It’s a great hair salon service to offer to clients dealing with various forms of hair loss.

Of course, offering an added service entails added training on your part. The good news is that you can find a micropigmentation school that can train you not only on the theoretical and technical aspects of the job but also with practical, hands-on training. There are even remote learning options, so you can start anytime, from anywhere.

Having an added service will not only expand your clientele for the present. It can also open your doors to other, possibly more lucrative business opportunities.

Hybrid hair

As with adding specialized services, turning your salon into a hybrid establishment is all about expanding your market while giving your current clientele a reason to keep coming back.

When we say hybrid establishment, we’re talking about places that sort of serve as an intersection of different industries or formats. Your business can be one-part salon, another part something else. Thinking of that something else is where it gets interesting. This is where you can start thinking about your other passions and interests and incorporating them into your salon business.

Say you’re into bikes. Maybe you can turn your business into a bike-themed salon where people can park their bikes while getting a haircut. Maybe you’re into mixology. You can turn your barbershop into a BARbershop, where you serve cocktails and snacks along with a shave. If you happen to be a movie buff, why not give your clients a cinema experience while getting their hair done? Instead of having them sit there with a magazine, they can watch a movie on dedicated monitors instead.

The idea is to transform the salon experience into something new. It gets your current patrons excited while attracting others. It becomes a spectacle that can generate buzz (and not just a buzz cut). People won’t just come in for the usual service; they’ll be in it for the experience.

In a way, these aren’t just good ideas for a post-COVID revitalization. No matter where you find yourself in your business journey, it’s always good to restart and refresh your look–kind of like getting a new haircut.


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