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Defeating the World’s Common Enemy: Mosquitoes

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Each year, approximately 700 million people across the world suffer from mosquito-borne diseases. While these insects may appear harmless because of their size, mosquitoes are actually the deadliest creatures on earth because they can transmit diseases from person to person with ease.

Most people avoid mosquitoes because they leave itchy welts on the skin, but what they don’t know is that they could potentially contract a virus from those bites. That’s because when mosquitoes feed on human blood, they can also get the virus or parasite that’s living in that blood. 

So when that mosquito moves on to its next victim, it can inject the virus along with its saliva while feeding on their blood. Unlike honey bees that lose their stingers and die after one victim, mosquitoes can have multiple victims, thereby increasing their chances of infecting more people. 

Among the most common mosquito-borne illnesses are dengue fever, Zika virus disease, malaria, Yellow fever, and Chikungunya, which can all be potentially lethal in severe cases. That’s why there must be people like you who want to rid the world of these dangerous creatures, even if they are vital to maintaining the balance in the ecosystem.

As a business owner who is determined to save the world from mosquitoes, one household at a time, it is your duty to continuously seek out effective solutions that can keep these tiny death-bringers at bay. In fact, you can make it your life’s mission to further improve three of the most effective mosquito control solutions available in the market today:

Chemical Treatments

Mosquitoes can create breeding grounds anywhere that has stagnant water. More often than not, those places are likely to be in clogged roof gutters, overturned garden pots that have collected water, or slopes in the yard that have created puddles. Once they start to breed, they can be difficult to get rid of.

Fortunately, there are chemical treatment solutions sold in stores that people can use to deal with their mosquito problem on their own. However, mishandling these chemicals can bring harm to the homeowner because they might accidentally ingest or inhale the toxic substances contained in the pesticide. 

So while homeowners could be solving their mosquito problem at home, they could also be endangering themselves in the process. To address this, your business can provide reasonably-priced mosquito yard treatment services to homeowners so that they can deal with their problems professionally without putting themselves in danger.

It could also be in your best interests to develop mosquito control solutions that use organic or environment-friendly ingredients in the formula. This is because the toxic substances contained in store-bought chemical treatments can be disrupting the balance in ecosystems. 

mosquito trap in backyard

Traps and Attractants

Some people prefer using chemicals to solve their mosquito problems, while some prefer using effective traps. There are plenty of high-catch-rate mosquito traps available on the market that homeowners can purchase and use to protect themselves from insects in indoor or outdoor locations.

Some traps come with attractants that can simulate an actual human being. That’s because the traps are designed to emanate the scent of human skin and carbon dioxide, which can then lure the mosquitoes to their death. These traps can be a great solution to address the homeowners’ mosquito problems.

But maybe your business can take this one step further by creating longer-lasting attractants so that homeowners won’t have to constantly change the scents in their traps. Or you could research ways to lessen the production costs so that more homeowners can afford to protect themselves from these lethal creatures.

Bug Zappers

Out of all the options mentioned here, using a bug zapper is arguably the most brutal method to get rid of mosquitoes because it can kill insects instantly. Bug zappers emit UV LED lights that can attract mosquitoes and other bugs to their death by using high voltage power.

Most of the time, bug zappers are plugged into wall sockets because they need electricity to function. But there are handheld zappers that are rechargeable and won’t be a safety hazard to humans or animals. The only con that these zappers have is that the loud popping noise can cause panic or shock at times.

Maybe you can create zappers that minimize or eliminate the noise when bugs come into contact with the grills for your business. It could also be possible to use materials in the device that are built for efficiency and durability so that the zappers will be low-maintenance. 

Most business ventures are birthed when an aspiring entrepreneur notices a flaw or gap in the existing market that they want to solve. There might already be many businesses devoted to solving the world’s mosquito problem, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t join in on the cause so that more people can achieve that goal faster. 

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