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Car Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier

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carsIn this day and age, there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes  to cars. Auckland car owners know the importance of getting as much as possible from their cars. Whether you have an old or new model, Acker Bilt Ltd presents four car parts that will make your life easier.

Roof Rack for Extra Space

Installing roof racks that can be purchased from stores in Auckland is easy, thanks to the numerous providers and rack choices. These racks provide additional space for storing extra-large items like bicycles, furniture, and extra tires for your car. If you’re the type who loves to drive long distances, then a roof rack would be able to store all your stuff while maintaining room for the passengers.

Blind Spot Mirrors Offer a 360-Degree View

Cheap and wonderfully effective, blind spot mirrors are just small mirror additions that can be added to your rearview mirrors. They can offer an excellent view of the blind spots so that you’ll never have to worry when making those critical turns and reversals.

Cold Air Intake Helps Improve Fuel Efficiency

Upgrade to a cold air intake and watch as you get more mileage per litre. Cold air intake makes the air denser so that when mixed with the fuel, you can get so much more power compared to heated air. Not to mention that it helps keep your car running smoothly at an even temperature, no matter how many hours you have been driving. It is a very simple car part addition that can be done by your mechanic in one simple session but can save you money.

Engine Control Unit Can Open Up New Doors with Car Use

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) that comes with your car is good, but it’s not exactly the best. Basic ECU is programmed for minimum capacity in handling the fuel-air mixture. Once you upgrade your ECU however, it can be tweaked to match the actual fuel-air capacity of your car, therefore boosting fuel efficiency.

Of course, those are just some car parts that can help boost your car usage. It all depends on what you need for your vehicle.

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