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It’s Within You: Developing a Productive Workspace

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A conference room Employees these days demand a lot from their workspaces, including flexibility, hospitality, personality and privacy. You want play areas, napping areas, standing desks and sitting desks, besides cluster desks for your office furniture.

You expect so much from your work area that you tend to forget its initial function, which is to produce productive work. So, how can you design a work area where real work happens?

1. Surround yourself with productivity clues.

Develop your workspace the way you develop yourself. The way you dress yourself up and what you carry with you speak wonders about the workspace you require. This includes your accessories, such as that Moleskin notebook you carry filled with your daily to-do lists.

Transfer this into your workspace by getting a huge white board on your wall. If you’re inclined to wearing comfortable outfits, like a classic shift dress or an unconstructed sports coat, then your work area should offer ease of movement.

2. Find productivity with music.

You most likely share a common work area, which is why earbuds are no stranger to you. Plenty of research reveals that listening to music promotes creativity and efficiency. These say that deep thinking, such as examining long documents, writing and reading, are best helped by listening to white noise, film scores, sonatas and narrative compositions. For those needing rapid boosts of energy, then look for music that fits that activity, like listening to Chance the Rapper.

3. Allow yourself to move.

Productivity usually involves forming great conversation with colleagues and clients. Develop seating arrangements that need you to move out or stand up from your central work area. This will not only boost your blood flow, but it will also make your clients feel important.

Keep in mind that a productive work area is a sector where you feel confident and comfortable. Develop a workspace that provides you that feeling each day, and your best ideas will surely follow.

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