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Kitchen with glass accents

What to Consider Before Using Glass

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Glass is definitely one of the favourite materials of homebuilders. Not only does it lend a sophisticated look, it also enables natural light into the house. Despite the technology and the number glass film protector on the market, though, one should be careful when choosing glass. Several things should be considered to prevent sizeable damage and ensure safety to the occupants of the house.

Kitchen with glass accentsFirst off, one should consider if the household have children. Kids can be quite a handful and energetic, and there is a big chance for accidents to occur, which can be harmful to the kids and to the glass itself. For the child’s safety, make sure that there are no sharp edges on the glass tables and the sliding doors should have glass film to protect it from breaking. As for the tables, there is a specific glass film that can be applied so that when it breaks, the film will hold the shards. This way, the slivers from the broken glass will not spill into the ground and be of danger to anyone.

Another thing to take note of is the occupants’ pets. Dogs, such as Labradors and other big breeds have the tendency to be playful even inside the house. They are also likely to scratch on things, including the glass doors. Apart from choosing a sturdy glass, one could also include the pets’ own passageway in the design, such as dog doors. This way, they will be accustomed to run and exit in their own special doors. There is also an anti-scratching glass film that works like an adhesive.

Finally, one of the things to remember is the prevalent weather of the property’s location. Rain, wind, and not to mention storms and hurricanes could easily damage glass windows and doors. The constant exposure to the sun and rain may make the material brittle and easy to break. For this one, higher grade materials with impact-resistance glass should be installed.

Glass films can also be of big help especially for flying objects that may damage the glass surface.

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