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Fragile box label

Conquering the Demons of Lifting Heavy Boxes

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Moving involves beginning another chapter in life, full of exciting possibilities and new beginnings. With new opportunities come new difficulties, however, and there isn’t a greater first test than moving itself – lifting boxes specifically.

Fragile box labelBoxes are the bane of every mover, and years of aching backs are a testament to their enduring legacy of pain. Sure, there are tools that make the process much easier, but there are obstacles even the most modern tools can’t overcome. Stairs, attics, and sofas are the most dreaded parts of moving and lifting. Unfortunately, these are inevitable.

According to industry experts at Ezi Removals Perth, there’s no getting around having to lift things during a move. It’s best practice to prepare for having to carry heavy boxes rather than try to avoid it by using carrying tools.

The reason for the dread most people feel about lifting can be associated with pain, and the root of that pain lies with terrible posture. People don’t pay much attention to the alignment of their spines, as more urgent aspects of their lives and health take precedence.

The only way people can put their backs back in shape is through constant practice and attention, but schedules don’t always accommodate that. To make meaningful progress in improving posture, people need to incorporate their exercises into their daily routine.

Most people spend the day in office chairs in front of computers. This is the perfect opportunity to improve posture without having to think about it. Straightening the spine sitting down is the same as it is standing up.

Simply sit with a straight back for as long as possible. Resists the temptation to move closer to the screen or keyboard, maintain the initial distance, and don’t let the shoulders slope forward. Doing this everyday will help turn it into a habit. There will come a time when people don’t even notice they’re doing it.

A healthy posture allows the body to distribute weight correctly, and lift heavier objects. Lifting boxes does not have to be a chore or something to be feared. You can live life and lift as many things as possible.

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