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Palm Trees: A Popular Symbol for the Tropics

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Palm TreesTrees are nature’s gift to mankind. Each tree has its own specific needs and caring. The same is true with palm trees, which are a botanical family of perennial lianas, shrubs, and trees that grow in hot climates.

They can grow higher than 60 feet, although most of them are around 25 feet only. They are not difficult to grow, and they only need minimum caring after they have grown to a certain height.

Planting and Caring

  • Top palm nurseries suggest that these trees should be planted after the cold season is completely over. This will prolong their growing season and help them grow well before the next winter.
  • Dig a deep hole and put some manure into it. Now, remove the sapling and place it in the hole. Pack soil around it and then water it once. You can spread a layer of humus around the trunk, so it retains the moisture.
  • You can water the tree twice a week. This largely depends on the rainfall in the region. Water the plant only if the soil is too dry. After all, its roots spread out, allowing them to absorb moisture from a good distance or depth.
  • During fall and winter, do not water the tree.  The excess water might freeze and damage the tree completely.
  • During the spring season, use a balanced fertiliser. You can also supplement these fertilisers with additional nutrition to increase the plants’ growth.
  • Dried leaves fall off by themselves. Prune the fronds when they turn brown. Otherwise, they will form a nest-like structure and become home for unwanted pests.

The mature trees need watering only twice a month. Always use slow release fertiliser for them, which is in pellet or spike form. Some biologists suggest the use of special fungi. This should be added to the soil around the tree. This fungus is believed to live in symbiosis with the roots of this tree. This can be bought from any online garden stores.

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