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Seawall Construction

Controlling Soil Erosion in Waterfront Properties Through Seawall Construction

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Seawall ConstructionWith the rising water level all over the world as a result of global warming, many commercial and residential waterfront property owners are getting increasingly concerned about its adverse effects on their business and real estate.

Seawall construction is fast becoming the favored solution of waterfront landowners to prevent erosion from slowly eating away their property. Each day, waterfront property owners are becoming more aware of the effects of erosion and how it can quickly pull down the value of their property.

A sensible solution to soil erosion

The building of seawalls by marine construction companies is considered a sensible solution to withstand strong waves and the gradual erosion it brings. According to, this is one of the solutions adopted by communities alongside lakes and rivers that begin to witness the effect of shoreline erosion. Although soil erosion occurs naturally, certain factors can noticeably accelerate it and create big problems.

  • Erosion by water which includes rainfall, floods, ice pressure, and strong waves.
  • Erosion by the wind which includes climate and other environmental factors.

The construction of breakwaters and other water barriers are specialized projects to check erosion and protect waterfront properties. Companies which specialize in these underwater projects also capable of building other marine structures that can control erosion.

Seawall materials and designs

Seawalls are built using the toughest materials. These include rock (rip-rap), vinyl sheet, aluminum, and natural wood to keep the end product beautiful yet strong. It can be constructed using your own design or the underwater construction company can design one according to your specs.

Other underwater construction services

Apart from seawall construction, underwater construction companies also offer a host of services to protect and improve your marine investment. These services include:

  • Dock and pier construction and accessories
  • Dock and pier repair and maintenance
  • Boat lift services
  • Boardwalks
  • Retaining walls
  • Demolition
  • Salvage

The construction of a seawall is a wise investment to keep your waterfront property’s soil from gradually eroding. Like all investments, you need to be prudent in your choice of a marine construction company. You can find the best firms by reading reviews, searching online and practicing due diligence.

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