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go pro camera

Creating the Slow Motion Sequence with the GoPro Hero 3

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If you’re admiring the skills of a surfer on the pipeline, it can be all over in a flash. If you take this mind-blowing moment, slow down the action and play it back, however, the sheer skill and agility of the surfer’s moves becomes all the more evident.

go pro camera

If you want to create the slow motion sequence with your GoPro Camera Hero 3, along with a few GoPro Camera accessories, follow these pointers:

Shoot Many FPS

To capture every drop of water as it’s thrown in the air, you need to shoot as many frames per second (fps) as possible. This means working with 50fps as your common denominator.

When you slow the action down and play it back at a rate of 25fps, the final clip will be twice as long or as slow. If you take it one-step further and slow it down to 12.5fps, the clip will be four times as long or as slow.

Choose a Speed

Enter the settings menu of your camera, and change the fps to your chosen speed. For the Hero 3, the maximum fps is 120 fps 720. As such, you can either maximize it or just fall under it.

Once done, get ready to capture the moment.

It’s easy to create the slow motion sequence with your GoPro Camera Hero 3 if you follow these steps. For better shots, however, consider using a few camera accessories with it.

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