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Improving Flexibility through Aerial Yoga

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Aerial yoga is a variation that will take you to new heights, literally. Also known as AntiGravity Yoga, Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer, invented this to achieve a total-body workout. It improves blood circulation, mental health, and flexibility. All you need is a durable aerial hammock, proper attire, and enough space to perform different poses. When doing this activity, however, you need to follow these steps to avoid injury:


  1. Warm up by doing at least 10minutes of cardio activity, such as jogging, cycling, or walking.
  2. Stretch the whole body, starting from the upper muscles (shoulders, arms, chest, and back) to the lower muscles (hips, hamstrings, calves, and ankles).
  3. Breathe deeply in consistent patterns. Don’t hold your breath when stretching, as it won’t fuel your muscles with the necessary oxygen.
  4. Hydrate and make sure that there’s a nearby water supply. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps and decrease your flexibility.
  5. Look for a good quality aerial hammock to make sure that it won’t fall off from the ceiling. This way, you’ll minimize accidents.
  6. For beginners, it’s advisable to attend aerial yoga lessons than trying to do it yourself. An instructor can teach you how to ride the hammock and perform poses correctly.

Any type of yoga is beneficial for the mind and body. If you want something new, then you should try aerial yoga to improve your quality of life.

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