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Demystifying Diets: You May Be Eating Wrong to Lose Weight All This Time

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FoodThe diet and nutrition industry is filled with so many experts, methods and other eating plans for weight loss that there’s always going to be conflicting information.

What dieters should know is that some of these methods are effective while some aren’t. According to Kellie Hill, depending on your body type and current health status, you may be doing more harm than good with these weight loss myths:

• Fad diets are quick fixes

Dieting is just one part of losing weight. The truth is, choosing to lose weight, hitting your target and maintaining that weight is all part of a complete lifestyle change. Fad diets are usually clinically proven to cleanse you of your imbalance, but they don’t help you keep the weight off. If you would ask good doctors, they only impose anything like a fad diet in order to cleanse the body of certain bad substances they saw in medical tests.

• Eliminating sugar, fat and carbs from your diet is going to make you healthier

While you can’t eliminate these completely, trying your best to avoid all three of these so-called fatteners is going to make for a depressing lifestyle. Research has shown that a diet without sugar or fats is quite bland and can take the joy out of eating. Too little carbohydrates, on the other hand, leave you starved for energy and prone to diseases and fatigue.

• Eating healthy is too expensive

While eating plans for weight loss often include ingredients that come at high prices, careful planning and cooking techniques can make for tasty, healthy and affordable meals. Eating fresher foods can be a little more expensive, but not that extravagant.

In the end, the investment you make in your health makes up for the time you feel sick and the cost of getting well. Ask a good nutritionist at least once on what the best diet is for you and just maintain your lifestyle when you’ve hit your target weight.

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