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skin condition

You’ve Been Thinking About Treating Your Acne Wrong All This Time

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skin conditionAcne isn’t just a problem for teenagers. According to dermatological studies, over 20% of skin-related diseases are diagnosed as acne. It can be a problem well into your adult life. So, how do you handle the breakouts or the constant irritation and bumps that happen on your face?

People usually forget that acne is actually a valid skin condition that an aesthetic doctor can help you prevent and treat. Most of the time, they look online for ‘hacks’ and quick cures for acne that may not actually do the trick. The Face Aesthetic Clinic shares some of them below:

  • Toothpaste to dry up your huge, red zit

The reason behind this tip is the presence of triclosan in toothpaste that is a known antibacterial. This can literally kill the germs in your zits and dry it up fast. The problem with this tip is that it has the unwanted side effect of irritating and drying your skin—which can lead to more redness and an uglier effect.

  • Washing your face more gets rid of acne

It is established that washing your face twice a day with the appropriate skin cleanser for your skin type can reduce and prevent acne. But, that doesn’t mean that the more you wash, the more your acne goes away! When you’re upset the fluid balance of your face with too much washing, you can get more acne, drier skin and more irritation in the form of redness. Wash twice a day with gentle, mild cleansers and pat your skin dry afterwards.

  • Popping a pimple is okay as long as you can see the white eye

The truth of the matter is that popping a pimple on your own is never a good idea. Squeezing it can force bacteria deeper into your skin even if you get the pus out. Zits and pimples should never be left alone and instead be treated by an aesthetic doctor or medical professional.

So, before you slather on that toothpaste, wash every hour with anti-acne soap or pop that zit, think twice! You’re just making your problems worse.

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