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Divorce Attorney and LGBT Relationships

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LGBT Relationship in AlbuquerqueFamilies today come in all forms, and all families are protected under the country’s laws. However, there is a disparity on how some family relationships are viewed. LGBT relationships deserve the same benefits as heterosexual couples in issues like adoption and securing parental rights.

divorce attorney in Albuquerque appreciates, respects, and helps protect the legal rights of all – regardless of lifestyle preference. Likewise, they can help keep you updated on the latest court decisions that may have an impact on your specific case and circumstances. These include your living arrangements and name change documents.

Your lawyer can also help you in case you need to divorce your partner. They will protect your children and assets, as well as care for your emotional health, just as they will protect the rights of conventional clients. They can work with you on various legal matters.

Relationship Issues

An experienced LGBT divorce lawyer can help you with legal issues concerning lesbian/gay marriage, joint asset agreements, cohabitation agreements, and palimony agreements, among others. Only lawyers with vast knowledge and experience in the LGBT laws can help address such issues properly.

Issues Involving Children

Your lawyer can help you handle concerns regarding your children including child support and custody agreements, surrogacy, donor and reproduction agreements, establishing equal legal relationships for the parents through second parent and non-biological parent adoptions, and protecting the rights of both parents and the children in case of death or if divorce is imminent.

Domestic Violence

Same-sex relationships, just like heterosexual married couples, may also deal with domestic violence and other similar issues. Thus, if you or your children are suffering from any type of abuse, promptly seek safety and get in touch with your lawyer so you can immediately get protection from the law. On the other hand, if you are being accused of domestic violence, you need an attorney to be with you while you go through the entire process so your rights can be protected.

LGBT relationships also have rights that need protection. Make sure to contact the right lawyer for help.

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