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The Importance of Wheel Balance and Alignment

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Example of Aligned WheelsVehicle owners often neglect the wheel balancing and alignment; these play an important role in road safety, tyre life and other aspects of keeping a car in good condition. Knowing its importance may extend the usefulness of your automobile, keep its parts moving properly and reducing the number of times it may need a repair or tune-up.

The Importance of Balanced and Aligned Wheels

According to an expert on mag wheels balance and proper alignment allow the tyres to spin without resulting in vibrations, maximise tyre life and keep a car straight while driving along level roads. Wheel balancing evenly distributes the weight around a spinning tyre and wheel assembly. It makes sure that everything is in balance, from the high and low spots to the heavy and light areas.

The first part of achieving this is to match the light and heavy areas with each other. The second step is to add a weight that compensates with the unit’s light areas to reach ideal rotation. The wheels attain a balanced state when small counterweights prevent them from gaining heavy areas that may result in vibrations. These may wear out tyres, shocks, struts and other suspension and steering parts prematurely.

The Dangers of Driving with Unbalanced Wheels

When you drive with unbalanced wheels, they bounce down the road or wobble. The ride disturbance and discomfort increases once you start driving faster. Here are some of the problems caused by this:

  1. You have less control over the vehicle because of the unbalanced wheels.
  2. This causes severe stress on the wheel’s bearings and the suspension parts.
  3. It may damage the steering components of your vehicle and may break completely in extreme situations.
  4. This leads to an increase in energy and fuel consumption while driving.

Keeping your wheels balanced and aligned not only keeps you safe on the road but will also save you money as it reduces maintenance and repair costs.


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