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Effective Ways of Giving Customers a Quotation

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Once a customer sent youBusiness deal a request for a price quote, you know you’re in business. For small enterprises, quotes are what give them opportunities to gain sales. Many don’t realise the importance of preparing and creating it properly, though. Errors in a quotation can cost you money in an instant.

The agents from say providing estimates is a basic yet important part of your business, no matter what industry you belong to. You have to present quotations in the most suitable manner.

Make it Easy to Read & Understand

It has to be properly constructed, so your customer can easily understand all the details. This gives the impression that your company is professional. Don’t just send numbers and tell a little bit of something about the business. Use regular words that practically anybody can understand.

Use Job Quoting Software

Using software can benefit your business in many ways. Recent versions support the use of cloud software to prepare and send quotes quicker right after your initial meeting. Giving your customers a quotation within 24 hours shows your efficiency in the business anytime and anywhere, even if you’re not in office.

Don’t Follow Up Too Soon or Too Late

Most customers who ask for a quotation are probably asking for the same from many companies. You can edge out the competition by following it up within two to three days after you’ve sent the quote. Doing it right away will make the client think you’re too aggressive, and being too late may indicate that you’re not interested.

Ask to Meet in Person

You can also ask a few questions before sending the quote right away. This way, you’re doing business with your customers personally. Instead of agreeing to send the quotation right away, ask them if they are available for a meeting because you have to ask a few questions regarding their preferences and others.

Business quotes are basically a response to service requests. This is the initial step of securing a contract with customers. Doing it the right and effective way opens up better opportunities to increase sales.

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