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What Your Dentists Would Want You to Know

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DentistAs many Brits do, you probably just ignore much of what your doctors, plumbers and gardeners tell you, but you have to hear their expert advice, and not just the town chatter.

Here are some of the things that your dentist, one of your most ignored service providers, would want you to know:

Complete Your Oral Care Hygiene

Yes, you need to brush twice a day, but if you are not flossing, you are missing a lot of remains. Flossing cleans the sides of the teeth facing the neighbouring teeth, and even the gums. This is where decay and gum disease are more likely to build up. The truth is brushing alone will not effectively reach these areas. While toothpicks and other flossing devices will do, nothing beats traditional floss for really getting at the crevice.

Bleeding Gums is Not Ok

In relation to flossing, some patients say their gums bleed only when flossing or brushing, but healthy gums don’t bleed, say many trusted dentists in Alderley Edge. If yours do, set an appointment with your dentist. During a routine cleaning, bleeding is normal because hygienists are doing a thorough job and using instruments.

Don’t Wear Lipstick

Stop prepping your pucker when going to the dentist. Although the pigment can make you feel polished and put together, once the dentist starts, the cosmetic will not stay put. Instead, the odds are that during the process, the lipstick will get on your teeth, equipment and the clothing of the dentist. Usually, dentists wouldn’t ask you to remove your lipstick so they won’t offend you and instead silently wish it would just be done.

Inform Them If You Took Some Aspirin (or Any Medicine)

Aspirin is mostly salicylic acid that can thin blood. Because of the drug’s antiplatelet effect, dentists wish you would tell them if you took some aspirin prior to the appointment. When blood is unable to clot properly, it can complicate your dental procedures no thanks to excessive bleeding.

The next time you go to your dentist, stick around for the advice and make sure you heed them. That way, you can enjoy your dental visits and overall mouth care.

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