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Wood Floors

Bills Going Down, You’re Yelling Timber: Energy-Efficient Wood Floors

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The cost of electricity is on the rise, and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce consumption. For many, the solution is to choose energy-efficient appliances and other features for the home. Perhaps you have already done the same and made some quick renovations like sealing up windows and doors or adding insulation to your walls and ceilings, but have you considered making your floors energy-efficient as well?Wood Floors

Furnishing the Floors

Timber floors are the top choice when it comes to upgrading your floors and making it energy-efficient. Experts from Chelsea Flooring say that most engineered wood products have a foam base that serves as a vapour barrier, which adds an extra layer of insulation. If you want to give your floor a brand new finish, it is advisable to go for these types of material.

Filling the Gaps

Want to stick to your old wood floors? Upgrade its energy-efficiency by repairing the gaps. Fill the gaps by mixing natural resin fillers and sawdust that comes in the same colour and species of wood as your floor. Once you seal the gaps, there will be less air going in and out of the space, making your floor more energy-efficient.

Warm on the Foot

Other than filling the gaps and insulating wood floors, you can also install an underfloor heating system. Not only does this improve energy-efficiency, it also adds comfort. This is possible only if you choose the right type of wood flooring.

Underfloor heating systems are not suitable for solid wood flooring. This is because the flooring contracts and expands when the wood heats up and cools down. Engineered wood floors are the best type of flooring that complements underfloor heating systems. The material’s design allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. An engineered wood flooring with under flooring heating systems will greatly contribute to your home’s energy-efficiency.

Make the installation of wood floors a priority if you want a home that is energy-efficient. Work with flooring specialists to ensure the proper fitting of timber floors.

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