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Remote Control

Be Your Own Expert—Solve Common Internet TV Problems Yourself

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Remote ControlOne of the best innovations is the Internet TV. In the past, you watched shows through TVs and browsed online with your internet. The Internet TV combines these two channels to give you a revolutionary viewing experience.

However, even the Internet TV may have technical problems. Here are some ways to solve them yourself:

Reset your settings.

If you have a problem connecting to your Internet TV, you might have the wrong settings. Find the settings menu on the screen and do the configurations. You also have the option to simply revert to factory settings.

A factory reset will clear memory bugs and other connection problems. In fact, it is similar to how you troubleshoot computers that keep crashing. Resetting is the easiest option.

Upgrade your broadband connection.

Sometimes the problem lies in your router or broadband connection. Your broadband speed may not be enough to keep the streaming going. The solution is to upgrade to a faster broadband connection or switch to a different Internet service provider.

Check all compatible media players.

Depending on your computer, you can use media players such as Real Player, Windows Media Player, or Flash Player. You may also need Silverlight and Flip4Mac QuickTime MWV Component on some computers.

Different media players play better with certain computers. Check which one works best with your Internet TV in the Philippines, suggests

Choose programs with a higher bandwidth.

The clarity of images depends where the program is being broadcast from. You get clear images if the broadcaster has a higher bandwidth. Switching to different channels may give you better program streams.

Having an Internet TV is cool, but it will be even better if you know simple troubleshooting. You don’t need to be an expert in electronics. You just have to know what causes the problem and how to solve them.

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