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Balancing Your Writing Career

Embracing Your Writing Career While Enjoying Your Role as a New Mum

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Balancing Your Writing Career Other women have done it. So can you. Balancing your writing career with your new role as a mother simply needs strategizing, practice and plenty of patience.

Reduce Your Tasks

It doesn’t matter what kind of lodging you have and in what part of Australia you live in. Babyproofing takes numerous hours and plenty of effort. Mothers-to-be who plan their balancing act early have the advantage of time. They can start babyproofing their home to remove one task from their checklist. Mothers with infants also benefit from doing their research in advance on things such as toilet lid locks and styles of glass fencing in Perth, according to Starting early gives way to other activities that makes writing easier to squeeze into the day’s schedule.

Start Small Again

You’ve started small before, and now you have to do it again. Your new responsibilities will make it difficult for you to pull off the same feat with the additional physical, emotional and mental burden.
Starting small again gives you the margin you need to estimate how much work you can actually do on a day-to-day basis without compromising your tasks as a mother.

Pens and Papers Everywhere

Carrying your child around or having to chase toddlers gives you no time to record thoughts and ideas on your computer. Keeping a pen and paper in your pocket at all times makes it easier to jot down notes while caring for your child. Leave waterproof notebooks in the bathroom and post-its in the kitchen, too. Simply taking down ideas helps cultivate the writing life.

Mercy for the Writer

If switching strategies and plenty of practice do not let you achieve your writing goals, be kind enough to give yourself another chance. Motherhood doesn’t come easy to many. Consider it a break from writing to do some research. And if all you end up achieving for several months include only a box full of notes and ideas, treat it as an achievement. One small step forward proves better than having done nothing at all.

Being a writer demands a person to live life to the fullest. This means that even while you play with your children or watch them sleep, you nurture your craft by simply enjoying those moments.

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