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Dangers of Prescription Drugs on Women

That Pill Won’t Solve Your Problems: The Dangers of Prescription Drugs on Women

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Dangers of Prescription Drugs on WomenIt is extremely disturbing that overdose on prescription drugs are becoming more prevalent in women. According to the recent findings of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 18 women lose their lives to prescription drug overdose daily.

Why Women Have an Increased Risk of Abusing Prescription Drugs

It is alarming enough that prescription drugs very easy to get. In addition, studies show that women are significantly more at risk to develop pain from hormonal changes and migraines, anxiety, depression, and are highly likely to be given prescriptions by doctors for even the smallest aches and pains than men. This dramatically increases their risk and exposure to prescription drug abuse and then eventually, dependency or addiction.

Add to that the stress that a lot of women face every single—from being a mother, wife or partner, to being an employee—and that seemingly harmless pink pill that can make everything seem right again for a while will gradually turn into a crutch. When this happens, it is extremely easy to lose track of the drugs they take and the different combinations—the results are hazardous, even deadly.

Why Prescription Drugs?

The primary cause of this prescription drug epidemic is mainly due to the fact that you can pretty much get a prescription for anything. Most people, not only women, assume that since prescription medication is legal and given by their doctor, it must mean that it’s perfectly safe.

What they don’t realize is that some medication, such as prescription opiates, is in reality almost indistinguishable from heroin from a pharmacological standpoint. Furthermore, you can easily get multiple refills without visiting your doctor, much less an MRI or X-Ray to verify a supposed medical condition.

The Path to Recovery

The good thing is that most women who accept that they are addicted to prescription meds are more motivated to seek help in the form of detox programs or going to drug rehab centers for women like, and are less likely to relapse. Women with children and husbands are also more likely to kick their drug habit for fear of being separated from their families. This is crucial since it can be used as a motivational tool for women during their darkest days in rehab and helping them get better faster.

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