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Garbage Disposal

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rubbish Disposal

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Garbage DisposalGetting rid of your rubbish is not as simple as throwing it out. This is especially true when you are throwing out a lot. You may have had a major renovation or construction in Mandurah. You probably have to deal with leftover or used wood, cement blocks, and broken tiles. On the other hand, you may have simply cleaned out stuff you have had for years in your overflowing attic or garage.

In either case, you will probably need a skip bin and someone to haul it out of there. Here are some things you should know about skip bin hire.

What is a Skip Bin?

A skip bin is really just your basic rubbish bin, but much bigger. It can be a relatively small one, about two cubic meters, or it could be large enough to walk into. The size of your skip bin will depend on how much stuff you need removed.

A rubbish removal company, like, can make a size estimate for you over the phone or online if you can describe what you have. Naturally, the bigger the skip bin and the longer you keep it with you, the more it will cost.

What Do They Take?

Skip bin hire companies restrict what you can put in the bins. There are laws that impose these restrictions. Typically, you can throw in:

• appliances
• bricks
• cardboard
• concrete
• furniture
garden waste and soil
• metal
• roofing
• timber

If what you have is not on the list, ask your rubbish removal company if they will accept it. A specialist can only remove some rubbish because they are hazardous materials. This includes:

• Paint
• Most liquids
• Tyres
• Foodstuff
• Fibreglass insulation
• Flammable materials

Before committing to a skip bin hire, get an estimate from several companies. In most cases, this will include delivery of the skip bin and a scheduled removal. If you are in a hurry, ask if they have same day service.

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