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Five Business Technology Trends to Adopt Right Now

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The beginning of the new decade promises a plethora of opportunities for business innovation. This 2020, it’s high time that your organization embrace the emerging technology trends that are shaping the modern global workforce. Here are the top five techs that your organization should adopt right now:

Collaborative Workplaces

In a Stanford study, it was reported that collaboration boosts performance in the workplace. Participants who collaborated on a task stuck at the assignment 64% longer than those who worked alone. They also reported lower fatigue levels, higher engagement levels, and higher success rates.

This year, promote teamwork at the office and encourage cross-collaboration. Companies like Business Cloud Deals explain that you can use Google G Suite  and use cloud-based storage solutions. You could also invest in the right application program interface (API).

Remote Work Setups

According to Strategy Analytics, 1.87 billion people or 42.5% of the total global workforce will be working remotely by 2022. This year, it’s time to embrace the telecommuting culture and enable time zone autonomy for teams with members in different locations.

Giving your employees the freedom to work remotely results in increased retention, gives you access to a wider pool of applicants, and allows you to save on overhead costs. Best of all, because you are giving your employees the autonomy to work, your business will benefit from increased productivity.

Automated Workflow Solutions

business automation conceptIf you haven’t already, make sure to adopt automated workflow solutions in your organization. Apart from streamlining and speeding up your processes, these digital solutions allow your business to reduce errors, re-work, and paperwork and its associated costs.

Workflow automation could free up 20 to 30% of human tasks that require intelligence or creativity. You can always start small. You can start by automating your project management systems, then move on to your employees’ payroll, until you can finally invest in reputable business process management (BPM) software.

Digital Health Services

Before, employees had to take time off work when falling ill due to certain medical conditions. With the rise of telehealth companies, workers can now book a medical appointment via a mobile app and see a mobile physician directly at the office. The process, which includes receiving a diagnosis, treatment plans, and prescriptions, normally lasts 15 minutes.

Apart from telehealth services, you can also invest in employee wellness apps that focus on improving the mental and physical health of your workers. According to the World Health Organization, for every $1 spent on treatment for common mental disorders, there is a $4 return in improved health and productivity. Don’t be afraid to shell out money if it means you will see a boost in your employees’ wellbeing.

Increased Cybersecurity

61% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, according to multinational cybersecurity company Kaspersky. With the increasing risk of cybercrimes, businesses are doubling down on their efforts to protect their organizations’ sensitive data and systems from unwanted criminal activities.

To protect your organization, make sure to encrypt your wireless network, set up administrative rights on all software, keep your operating systems patched and updated, have a reliable firewall, and work closely with cybersecurity experts to keep hackers at bay.

We are in an age where the workforce demands flexibility, better access to healthcare, more room to foster creativity, and increased security. Make sure to implement these technology trends to leverage your business and keep your employees happy.

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