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Four Reasons to Take Up Cycling in Brisbane

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CyclingThere are plenty of reasons why the number of biking enthusiasts in Brisbane City continues to grow. Here are four reasons that will probably make you want to shop for a bicycle of your own.

  1. It’s awesome for your health

Even the Australian Government recommends biking or cycling, primarily because of the activity’s exceptional health benefits.

Through this sport, you reduce your risks of developing health problems such as stroke, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and hypertension. In addition, it also lowers your odds of developing mental disorders like depression.

  1. There are tons of ways and paths to discover

According to the Brisbane City Council, there are more than 1,300 kilometres bikeways and pathways in the city. These bike trails connect to many of the city’s landmarks such as schools, public transportation hubs, facilities and parks.

There are many areas for you to discover in the city. Riding on a bike is a great way to explore and enjoy those places.

  1. It’s far cheaper than a car

Compared to the initial investment you have to make for a vehicle, a bike is far cheaper. Operating costs are also lower, especially when you compare it with the price of gas, maintenance and repairs.

  1. Brisbane has a cyclist-friendly environment

Brisbane is one of the friendliest cities in Australia for the cyclists. Aside from numerous bikeways, there are also plenty of bike parking and facilities, cycling-related events, rental facilities and bike shops in Brisbane City.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to automobiles is their contribution to pollution. When you want to go green, yet still have an effective means of transportation, it’s time you get a bike of your own.

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