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Garage Door

Garage Door Durability: Wind Resistance is Important

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Garage DoorIs your home in a location that constantly experiences high winds and extreme weather? If you answered yes, think of how a storm can potentially damage your home.

Garage doors, in particular, are the part of homes most susceptible to storm and hurricane damage. That’s because it is the largest opening in a property. When left unsecured, it can be susceptible to 100-plus-mph winds, which can cause it to buckle. This, then, allows the wind to penetrate the garage, potentially ripping a part of a roof — and eventually the rest of the structure.

As the experts at say, the sturdiness of your garage door is vital. To make sure it stays stable, take note of your garage door’s wind resistance, so you can prevent thousands of dollars-worth of damage to your property.

The Wind Load of a Garage Door

According to some estimates, garage doors can cost as much as 80% of monetary damages during hurricanes and storms. If the garage door cannot withstand the wind and the impact, it can damage your property and cost you thousands of dollars for repairs.

Preparations for Extreme Weather

There are many types of garage doors, and some have a higher level of weather resistance and durability, as well as wind load. Impact-resistant doors are a good choice, as they can withstand strong impacts and forces during extreme weather. Perhaps the best choice, however, are hurricane-proof doors, as they are even more durable and are built to counter the turning and twisting forces during a hurricane.

Before you choose a garage door, however, review the building codes in your city, especially those involving wind resistance requirements. Some require property owners to make sure their doors can withstand high winds. If your area experiences regular hurricanes, your requirement is probably a garage door that withstands winds as fast as 130 mph.

Even if you do not live in a region that experiences blizzards or hurricanes, you will likely see occasional thunderstorms. These thunderstorms are sometimes enough to cause damage, so it is always important to take note of wind resistance when buying a new garage door.

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