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Birthday Cake

Four Ways to Celebrate your Birthday with a Bang

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Birthday CakeWe all want our birthdays to be memorable. After all, it’s a celebration of life—and you only get to celebrate it once a year. While many people are content with a nice dinner and a birthday cake, some go the extra mile to enjoy their special day.

Here are some birthday party ideas that will take your celebrations up a notch:

1. Go retro.

Dance the night away with your family and friends. A disco-themed party involves colourful lights, cocktails and 70s pop music—think Bee Gees and Olivia Newton-John. You can add touches of pop and culture icons like Charlie’s Angels and Star Wars for more fun. A laid-back atmosphere nails the retro vibe for your birthday.

2. Experience the Hollywood glam.

Who says you can’t rock your birthday party the way Holly Golightly did in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Relish in the sophisticated glamour of the 50s and 60s with a black and white film theme. Request your guests to wear gowns and tuxedos. To complete the Hollywood glamour style, hire musicians to play jazz in the background. A rooftop deck or classy birthday function venues overlooking Brisbane are great locations for this birthday party theme.

3. Party like a rock star.

Some birthday venues allow you to use the area as a concert hall. If you’re not one for formal occasions and long birthday speeches, this kind of party will surely give you the thrill and fun you want. Serve beer instead of wine and cocktails. Hire a band or a DJ to get the crowd crooning to the music.

4. Swim like there’s no tomorrow.

Why not have a swimming party instead of the usual dinner celebration? Scatter rose petals on the pool to give your party a touch of romance. Decorate the pool area with orchids and other exotic flowers. Hire musicians to play your favourite tunes while you and your friends enjoy a dip in the pool.

Why go for ordinary celebrations when you can be extraordinary on your special day? Celebrate with all the fanfare to make your birthday extra memorable.

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