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3 Fabulous Hairstyles Seen at Fashion Shows

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ModelFashion shows are a place for designers to showcase their creations, and for hairdressers to wow with their hairstyles. Before walking the runway in their designer dresses and high-heeled shoes, models sit in front of a stylist to complete their look. These experts are behind some of the most unique hairstyles in the fashion industry.

The Winglike Hairstyle

Alexander McQueen is always the talk of the town with his collections. His couture shows feature avant-garde hairstyles like in his Spring 2010 collection. His models stand out for their aqua-themed clothing, with winglike hairstyles completing the ensemble.

The front view shows the model’s hair parted in the middle, and when they turned, the audience saw two hair blades resembling wings. In line with the collection’s aquatic theme, the style reminds of crustacean exoskeletons or coral reef.

Bonsai Hair

Christian Dior painted the runway for his Spring 2007 Couture Collection with colourful Japanese-inspired pieces and unique hairstyles. One stand out style had bonsai-like hair accessory.

Accessorizing the hair is tricky, with small branches and leaves spread throughout. Other models had different ornaments coordinating with their outfits as well.

Outside runways, and other hairdressers in Perth can create similar styles using smaller accessories to go with any outfit.

Ponytail with a Twist

Valentino’s models had extra-long hair tied in a ponytail with a twist. According to an expert hairstylist, the look was created with 26-inch hair extensions set together with elastics and clouds of hairspray. Using more than one elastic made the ponytail look like hair buns connected to each other.

With even the ponytail made runway ready by hair extensions, elastics, and ornaments, it is a wonder if the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will have similar looks.

Fashion shows are incomplete without hair stylists. These runway hairstyles may be tricky if worn daily, but they make a good runway show look even better. For your everyday styling needs, however, you can opt for more laid back styles courtesy of your professional hairdresser.

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