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FUT Hair Transplant

Get Back the Hair You’ve Lost with the Help of FUT Hair Transplant

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FUT Hair TransplantAre you losing your hair, and all these shampoos or treatments you’ve been trying have not been working? Well, maybe you can try something that has been around for a while — and is making waves again, especially in the UK — and it is none other than FUT hair transplant.

A New Implant in Your Head

An FUT hair transplant means you have to wait for a design of the hair area stripped from a certain donor to be implanted in your head. While this seems tricky, it only means there would be nothing synthetic on your head, and that it will all be a natural process — even in implant form! This also prevents injuring your scalp and makes sure that everything is comfortable to you.

It Would Be Painless

Another thing you have to know about this process is that it is painless because anaesthesia will be administered. This anaesthetic consists of adrenaline and lidocaine — one of the safest combinations around, so there’s not much to worry about.

An Incredible Process

Once you’ve been given anaesthesia, an incision is made to insert the implant while avoiding causing any kind of trauma. Absorbable stitches would also be made so you won’t feel any pain, while mini-grafts of hair are working in your head — so much better than just having to wear a wig.

Healing — and the Way the Implant Works

Finally, healing happens, and this is also the time when those hair follicles would start working in your head to give you such healthy hair growth — you won’t even feel like you’ve lost your original hair before!

Once you get to try this process, you will wonder why you have not thought about it earlier — and you’ll be glad that now, you have the chance to get healthy, beautiful hair again.

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