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Are Dental Implants the Solution to Missing Teeth and Loose Dentures?

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Dental Implant in LondonEdentation, whether full or partial, can leave you in a miserable state. Function-wise, you are going to have to adjust to speaking, eating or smiling with gaps in your mouth. Whilst from an aesthetic point of view, this can be much more difficult to deal with.

Given how we live in a world where, more often than not, physical appearances play a significant role in society, being edentate can greatly diminish one’s sense of self-esteem. In having missing teeth and loose dentures, both of which are unsightly to behold, are dental implants the best solution you can consider?

The Answer to a Toothless Life

Fresh Dental, a dental practice situated in the hearts of Bolton and London, prioritises improving dental aesthetics without compromising long-term health. This is why dental implants, as opposed to crowns, dentures and bridges, maintain its status as the ideal solution to edentation. It can last much longer and does not cause discomfort. Also, as the latest treatment to replacing gaps, it can also serve as a permanent solution to a toothless life.

How so? Through the osseointegration of dental implants, or the fusing of the fixture to the jaw bone, the risks for bone disease decreases. In addition, it functions just as well as natural teeth, providing the same eating, talking and biting abilities you need to live normally. This parallels its appearance. The crowns attached to implants look like real teeth, re-establishing your confidence and self-esteem. No longer will you be socialising with your mouth closed all the time.

Primarily, the reason elevating dental implants as a solution to missing teeth and loose dentures is due to its durability. Dental implants, as long as it is well taken care of and maintained, can last a lifetime. Documented research and clinical studies indicate the efficiency of dental implants — a success rate of 95%. This is the highest among tooth replacement treatments.

For its benefits and advantages, dental implants can quite well be the permanent solution you are looking for to a life of toothlessness.

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