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Your Basic Checklist When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

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Outdoor WeddingThere is just something about an outdoor wedding that makes the whole event more romantic. Perhaps, it’s the view or the fact that you are one with nature. Whatever it is, though, you have to consider some factors.

1. Weather-proof your venue

You need to finalize your venue. Do you want to have it on the beach? Do you fancy a garden wedding? Do you dream of a wedding in the woods? The trickiest part in planning an outdoor wedding is the weather. Hence, you need to make sure that whether it suddenly rains or even at the highest peak of sunshine, you and your guests are safe. One way to do so is to look for a clearspan tent rental. It’s going to solve this problem. Quoting David Tutera, an American wedding planner turned celebrity, “A tent is the most important thing to have on hold.”

2. Get a checklist for all the extras

Another thing about an outdoor wedding is that you need to provide more props for the venue. Some of these extras would even have to be DIY-ed. These extras include curtains, tables, stage backdrop, flowers, table tops, and other decors. What you can do is to try to visualize the whole look and list down all the elements that you will need, and contact vendors.

3. Keep the bugs away

Have a professional inspect the site way before the big day. Utilize all possible measures to keep the bugs at bay. Make sure that the what’s attracting bugs are removed. You can also set up bug traps. Consider hiring an exterminator to take care of it. On the day itself, have citronella candles everywhere and provide bug sprays for your guests.

4. Choose the food wisely

If there’s a slight chance that your food may be exposed to heat, you have to consult this with your catering early on. You would want to avoid a case of food poisoning at all cost.

5. Inform your guests about proper attire

Telling your guests that it’s going to be held outside may not be enough. Suggest outfits for both men and women. For example, will they be walking on concrete or grass? What you can do is to provide a drawing of suggested ensemble on the invitations.

An outdoor wedding requires even more complicated and detailed planning. A lot can go wrong if you fail to pay attention. However, if everything goes smoothly as planned, it can also be very beautiful, memorable, and romantic.

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