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Seven Common Oversights When Installing a DIY Fence

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DIY FenceThe title is not meant to discourage, only to warn. DIY projects are wonderful accomplishments. If you avoid costly mistakes, you will be really happy with your own handiwork.

Here are some mistakes when doing your own fence:

  1. Proceeding without a map. Outlining the perimeter of your property should involve a map and exact measurements. You don’t want to be building a fence that encroaches on somebody else’s land.
  2. Not being aware of governing laws. Does your fence comply with height limitations? Are you allowed to build exactly at the perimeter or are you required an offset? Homeowner’s associations also have some restrictions on what type of material is allowed.
  3. Forgetting to check with utilities. You want your DIY fence posts to be stable so that means a third of its height should be underground. If you are installing aluminum fences, the post should be buried 30 inches deep. Just to be sure, call your local utility to check if you might damage wires and pipes underground in the process of digging.
  4. Failing to consider slopes. Don’t assume that your land is completely flat or you might end up with gaping holes at the bottom of your fence.
  5. Improper spacing of poles. Poles should be spaced 8 feet apart or closer. Fewer poles will save time and effort in digging but more poles guarantee strength over time.
  6. Not anticipating future needs. There might come a time that you will need to remove from or bring in something big and wide into your property. Although you don’t need the access now, make your gate big anyway. It would also be good to make at least one panel removable.
  7. Not making up your mind about what you want or need. Fences serve different purposes. They can give you privacy and keeps pets from running off to the neighbor’s garden. It seems like a good idea to keep them high but you don’t want to be walled in either and miss out on a lovely view. Consider your lifestyle and preferences during the planning stage.

It is easier now to order great quality fences that are quick and easy to assemble. With proper planning, you will enjoy the process of installing your DIY fence and love the results.

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