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Google & Bing: Can You Hit Two Giants with One Stone?

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search enginesWhen you talk about SEO, Google is top of mind. The American company ranks first worldwide and is considered the leader in most prime markets on the planet. But the so-called search behemoth doesn’t own 100% of the pie. Although relatively smaller, many other search engines enjoy a decently sized slice and are constantly hungry to get more.

After Google, Bing is the next biggest giant. The Microsoft-owned company powers Yahoo! Search, grabbing hold of a big number of Internet users.

As a site owner, you may be afraid of missing precious business opportunities by focusing on one search engine alone; this is not necessarily true. Even if Google is the focal point of your campaign, you’re also pleasing Bing in many ways because of some similarities the two share.

Link Profile Quality

Be it Google or Bing, the quality of your backlinks carry weight. This means that more high-quality links pointing back to your site improve your chance to rank on top of both search engines. Exert a serious effort to improve your link profile.

Geo Keywords for Local Search

Obviously, geo-targeted keywords matter when it comes to ranking high in the local search results—how these terms are incorporated is the question. While Google allows you to be more creative in terms of inserting your keywords into the content, a brilliant content strategy agency knows Bing is a bit stricter. To ensure your keywords work magic on both search engines, use the exact phrases.


Everybody knows that Google is the conductor of the mobile orchestra; Bing, though, didn’t let itself fall behind. After the former announced its mobile algo update, the latter also silently added a “mobile-friendly” label on its search results. Even if Bing wasn’t vocal about mobile-friendliness being a ranking factor, its action points in that direction.

There’s a world of difference between how Google and Bing rank sites, but the two fierce rivals do have some common ground. You might not sit on top of both platforms that easily, but implementing the techniques they both agree on is a good start.

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