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Types of wood

Greenheart: Wood for Construction in Places With Bad Weather

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Types of wood in OgdenMost people can relate to the pain of water damage. Whether it’s a pair of earphones or a luxury car, these seemingly trivial events can actually cause considerable headache. Fortunately, there are remedies that can help people reverse the effects of water damage on their gadgets like sheer drying in rice or silicone gel.

There are, however, unwanted natural events that will cause significant damage to properties that cannot be repaired just by rice or silicone gel soaking alone. For example, the flood damage Ogden residents had to face after the flash flood in July 2015 uprooted families and cost the city thousands of dollars in repairs. People can avoid, or at least lessen, these kinds of problems by choosing the right materials for their houses.

Choose Your Wood

In places that experience monsoons and winter, it’s common for homeowners to encounter rotting wood in their houses. Many properties are made of timber, or at least have sections made of it. To lessen encountering rotting wood scenarios, choose an ideal type of lumber to ensure house durability. There are different types of wood ideal for outdoor projects. But, for greater exterior and interior durability and resistance, the not-so-popular Greenheart can be a good choice.

Hard and Strong Wood

Despite being one of the hardest and strongest woods out there, Greenheart is not as popular as teak and other lumber materials used for homes. But, it’s so durable that not all ordinary tools can work on it.

Aside from Greenheart’s extreme durability and strength, its resistance against water is proven through rigorous testing. It’s a common material in building marine vehicles and fishing rods because it’s strong and elastic. This material is found in a number of outdoor furniture as well. It has nearly perfect weathering characteristics and wearability, making it almost immune to decay.

Greenheart wood has the perfect characteristics for places with extreme weather conditions, such as frequent monsoons and heavy snow. Accessing this lumber isn’t as simple as with some of its counterparts. But, its long-term usefulness and durability can surely save homeowners from additional expenses in the future.

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