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Tyres Not in Use? This is How You Should Store Them

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TyresDo you use more than one set of tyres — everyday tyres, racing tyres, or cold weather tyres? A little bit of care — in and out of storage — can go a long way to prolong their service life. Below are some easy tips for proper storage.

General Storage Tips

Don’t leave your tyres outdoors for more than a month, since their surfaces will dry out and become cracked. Store them in a clean, dry, indoor and cool environment. Remove your tyres from your vehicle or take the weight off them by raising your vehicle. Know that excessive pressure can cause premature deterioration, damage and tyre failure.

Store them away from heat sources such as electric generators or hot pipes. Clean them and ensure that storage surfaces are free from petrol grease or grime. The Perth tyre company recommends replacing missing valve caps to keep water and dirt out.

Handling and Stacking Tips

Never stack your tyres for long periods, and refrain from putting heavy objects on top of them. Store all accessories in their packaging, if you still have them, and on surfaces that won’t perforate, tear or cut them.

Use protective clothing and gloves when preparing for storage. Only use equipment that won’t damage your tyres and their accessories. Although says the tallest stack reached 6.14m, experts say you should stack your tyres using pallets and in piles lower than 1.2 metres. Reverse their stacking order every month. Tyres mounted on rims should be stored inflated on shelves, or vertically stacked.

Cold Weather Storage Tips

To balance wear, make sure you know the tyres’ position on your vehicle prior to dismantling them, so that you can interchange your back and front tyres during the next cold season. Thoroughly clean your tyres and wheels with water and ensure they’re completely dry before storing to avoid corrosion. You should also check and remove and debris from the grooves.

You need your tyres to be in good condition when you’re out on the road. Store them properly and inspect them before use.

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