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Have a Whale of a Time with Dunsborough Whales

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Dunsborough WhalesIf you're planning a holiday in western Australia this year, why not visit Dunsborough? Located in the picturesque bay of Geographe with its sparkling blue seas, sandy beaches and the chance to watch beautiful whales.

The ocean in Dunsborough is so clear and unpolluted that you can see through it. The scenery is spectacular and there are beachside restaurants so you can enjoy the view while you eat. It's a perfect venue for water sports or for purchasing an original gift in one of the many boutiques. If you really want to do something with the 'wow' factor, whale watching is undoubtedly Dunborough's number one attraction, says an expert from

Two of the whales you could see are:

Humpback Whales

The bay is home to Humpback whales that come there to give birth to their calves and nurse them between September and December before completing their travel to Antarctica for food. These distinctive black and white whales are surprisingly playful and will breach (jump out of the water) and pec-slap (slap their fins). Lots of spy-hopping (sticking their heads out of the water) can go on around boats as they try to observe humans. These magnificent giants are around 15 metres long and can weigh up to 45 tonnes.

Southern Right Whales

During whale watching tours, you may see southern right whales. These are a similar size to Humpbacks. They are grey in colour with heads that are too big relative to the rest of their body. A Southern Right's head is up to a quarter of their body length. They have two blow holes that produce a V-shaped blow. They got their name for being the 'right' whale to hunt, but have been a protected species since 1935.

Tours are available June to December each year. For an unforgettable trip in picture perfect surroundings and for the opportunity to get closer to the world's most majestic mammals, you should try a Dunsborough whales tour.

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